The Cotonou Agreement - ACP-EU Agreement

Part III Cooperation Strategies

Section 2, Social and human development


Cultural development

Cooperation in the area of culture shall aim at:

1. integrating the cultural dimension at all levels of development cooperation;

2. recognising, preserving and promoting cultural values and identities to enable inter-cultural dialogue;

3. recognising, preserving and promoting the value of cultural heritage; supporting the development of capacity in this sector; and

4. developing cultural industries and enhancing market access opportunities for cultural goods and services.



Environment and natural resources

1. Cooperation on environmental protection and sustainable utilisation and management of natural resources shall aim at:

a. mainstreaming environmental sustainability into all aspects of development cooperation and support programmes and projects implemented by the various actors;

b. building and/or strengthening the scientific and technical human and institutional capacity for environmental management for all environmental stakeholders;

c. supporting specific measures and schemes aimed at addressing critical sustainable management issues and also relating to current and future regional and international commitments concerning mineral and natural resources such as:
1. tropical forests, water resources, coastal, marine and fisheries resources, wildlife, soils, biodiversity;
2. protection of fragile ecosystems (e.g. coral reef);
3. renewable energy sources notably solar energy and energy efficiency;
4. sustainable rural and urban development;
5. desertification, drought and deforestation;
6. developing innovative solutions to urban environmental problems; and
7. promotion of sustainable tourism.

4. Taking into account issues relating to the transport and disposal of hazardous waste.