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Museums in Africa (on the Internet) :

> Albany Museum, Grahamstown (South Africa)

> Egyptian Museum, Cairo (Egypt)

> Ghana Museums and Monuments Board, National Museum Accra (Ghana)

Iziko: South African Museum (South Africa)

> McGregor Museum (South Africa)
... Department of Archaeology and Rock Art Studies

> Musée Cirta, Constantine (Algeria)

> Musée National des Antiquités , Algers (Algeria)

> Musée National des Arts et Traditions du Gabon (Gabon)

> Musée National du Mali (Mali)

> Natal Museum (South Africa)
... Department of Human Sciences

> National Museums Board of Zambia (Zambia)

> National Museums of Kenya (Kenya)

> National Museum of Namibia (Namibia)

> Nubia Museum (Egypt)

> Swaziland National Trust Commission - National Museum (Swaziland)
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