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North Africa : Algeria, Egypt, Lybia, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Western Sahara

> Abydos Survey for Paleolithic Sites (Egypt)

> ACACIA (Arid Climate, Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa) section A : Holocene Environment and Cultural History in Northeastern Africa

> African Archaeology (Köln University - Germany - research)

> An archaeological survey of Tell Tinnis, Manzala, Egypt (web version of an Antiquity paper, 2005)

> Ancient Alignments : A stone circle in Egypt is the world's oldest astronomical observatory (Egypt)

> Archaeology in Sudan

> Archaeology photos by Peter Langer : North Africa and Egypt

> A Remarkable Rock-Art Discovery in Gilf Kebir--Mestekawi/Foggini Cave (Egypt) [slideshow here]

> Atlas historique archéologique de Sétif (Algeria)

> Before History : Prehistoric Artefacts in the Logan Museum of Anthropology - North African Prehistoric Cultures (Capsian, Algeria and Fayoum Oasis, Egypt)

> Canary Islands Rock Art Gallery (from the Institutum Canarium web site - see Institutions)

> Carnets d'Archéologie, Ministère français des Affaires Etrangères [20 online exhibitions of french excavations in Africa and Arabia]

> Centre d'Etudes Alexandrines (Egypt)

> Centre franco-égyptien d'études des temples de Karnak (in french, on Karnak)

> Digs in Egypt on the Web

> Du Nord au Sud du Sahara, Ministère français des Affaires Etrangères [24 online exhibitions of excavations in Africa]

> Egyptian Archaeology

> Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organisation (ECHO) : Web Links to Egyptian Archaeological Resources

> Exploring Nubia : The Archaeology, History and Culture of Nubia and northern Sudan

> Interactive dig : Hierakonpolis (Egypt)

> Learning sites : Al-Meragh, Nubia - Sudan

> Learning sites : Funerary chapel Chapel of Ka(i)pura, Saqqara, Egypt

> Learning sites : Gebel Barkal, Nubia - Sudan

> Lepcis Magna : The Roman Empire in Africa (Lybia)

> Les monuments d'éternité de Ramses II (in French)

> Lybia Rock Art

> Mysteries of the Nile - Egypt

> Notes d'archéologie algérienne (Algeria)

> Pyramids : the inside story - Egypt

> Resource management and ideological manifestation. The towns and cities of ancient Egypt (paper by Lana Troy, pdf format; in 2002, Development of Urbanism from a Global Perspective, Uppsala Universiteit, Uppsala)

> Sahara néolithique (in french)

> Saqqara. De Saqqara au Musée du Louvre : le mastaba d'Akhethetep

> Secrets of lost empires : Pharaoh's obelisk (Egypt)

> Soudan : royaumes sur le Nil (exhibition of the Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, 1997 - in french)

> Surveying Ancient Raw Materials: The Egyptian Deserts Expedition (by A. J. Shortland - published in Antiquity Vol 77 No 296 June 2003)

> The Ancient Egyptian Culture Exhibit (Minnesota State University E-Museum)

> The Fezzan Project: Geoarchaeology of the Sahara, Lybia

> The Nubia salvage project - (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)

> The tomb of Harwa - TT37 (Egypt)

> The Western Sahara Project: Archaeology, culture and environmental change in northwest Africa

> Treasures of the sunken city - Alexandria, Egypt

> Wadi Kubbaniya (ca.17,000-15,000 BC), Egypt - from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA) timeline

> Who was who in Elephantine of the third millenium BC ? (pdf file = British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan, 9, 2008)

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