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... Interested in joining an excavation ? Check out the Archaeological Institute of America fieldwork in Africa or the Anthropology Resources on the Internet web site's "Field Schools" section...

African continent :

> African Archaeology : The Search for the Beginnings of Humankind

> African Diaspora Archaeology Network

> African museums and related organisations on the Internet (in english and french -- information as to May 1999 : Egypt, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zambia, Zimbabwe)

> African Rock Art (Bradshaw Foundation)

> African Rock Art (Metropolitan Museum online exhibition, USA)

> African Studies Internet Resources

> A look at Modern Human origins

> Becoming human : Paleoanthropology, Evolution and Human Origins

>CERAFIM : Céramique Africaine Imprimée (Afrique de l'ouest et Afrique)

> Early Hominid Evolution : A Survey of the Australopithecines and Related Genera

> Ethnoarchaeology Bibliography (compiled by Dr. Nicholas David, Department of Archaeology at the University of Calgary; pdf format, also can use Procite)

> Exploring Africa

> Human Origins and Evolution in Africa

> Images of History (extensive site with some important sections on Africa : Palaeolithic era in Africa, Archaic southern African, Archaic northern Africa, Archaic West Africa, Archaic Nile Valley to 3050 B.C., Kingdoms of Kerma and Punt (26-12th c. B.C.), Formative and Classic Kemet (31st -16th c. B.C.), Post-Classic Kemet: 2nd Int. Period and Empire (18-11th c. B.C.), Hellenistic and Coptic Egypt (3rd c. B.C. - 7th c. A.D.), Kingdom of Napata (circa 9th - 4th c. B.C.), Ancient Sudan: Kingdom of Meroë (4th c. B.C. - 325 A.D.), Ancient Horn of Africa: Axum (4th - 7th c. A.D.), Feudal Northeast Africa)

> Maps of Africa (Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, Texas University)

> Origins and Evolution of Human Diet : Conferences (14th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences in Williamsburg, Virginia - 1998)

> Prominent Hominid Fossils page

> The Acheulian biface project: a digital archive for teaching and research (by Gilbert Marshall, Clive Gamble & Derek Roe - published in Antiquity Vol 77 No 296 June 2003)

> The Human Origins Program at the Smithsomian Institute

> The Talk Origins archive : exploring the Creation / Evolution / Intelligent Design controversy

> Timeline of Art History - Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA):
...Africa, 8000-2000 BC
...Africa, 2000-1000 BC
...Africa, 1000 BC-1 AD
...Africa, 1-500 AD
...Africa, 500-1000 AD
...Africa, 1000-1400 AD
...Africa, 1400-1600 AD
...Africa, 1600-1800 AD
...Africa, 1800-1900 AD
...Africa, 1900 AD-present

> World Heritage Sites in Africa (UNESCO)

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