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African Universities :

Note : the african universities URLs - even ones in South Africa - may be slow in responding...
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In francophone Africa, Archaeology is separate from Anthropology and can be found at "Faculté des Lettres".

Algeria flag Algeria :

> Centre National de Recherches en Archéologie
> Centre National de Recherches Préhistoriques, Anthropologiques et Historiques (C.N.R.P.A.H)
> Institut d'Archéologie de l'université de Bouzaréah, ou Alger 2
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Benin flag Benin :

> Ecole du Patrimoine Africain
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Botswana flag Botswana :

> Botswana University
... History Department, Archaeology Unit
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Egypt flag Egypt : check The Egyptian Universities Network

The egyptian universities' web sites are bilingual, arabic and english, one exception : the Senghor University in Alexandria.

> Ain Shams University (Cairo)
... Antiquities Department, Faculty of Arts

> American University (Cairo)
... Humanities and Social Sciences

> Cairo University (Cairo)
... Faculty of Archaeology
... African Studies and Research Institute, Department of Anthropology

> Mansoura University (Mansoura)
... Faculty of Arts (Egyptian Archaeology and Islamic Archeology)

> Tanta University (Tanta)
... Faculty of Arts, Tanta Branch (archaeology) - menu does not open with Mozilla
... Faculty of Arts, Kafr El Sheikh Branch (archaeology) - menu does not open with Mozilla

> Université Senghor (Alexandria) (University set up by a francophone agency)
... Département Gestion du Patrimoine Culturel (= Cultural Resources Management)
... Cours en ligne: Département Gestion du Patrimoine Culturel (online teaching, Cultural Resources Management)
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Gabon flag Gabon :

> Université Omar Bongo (Libreville) :
... Laboratoire National d'Archéologie :
... Laboratoire Universitaire de la Tradition Orale :
... Laboratoire d'Anthropologie :
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Kenya flag Kenya :

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Madagascar flag Madagascar :

> Université d'Antananarivo (Antananarivo)
... Institut de civilisations, musée d'art et d'archéologie
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Namibia flag Namibia :

> University of Namibia
... Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Nigeria flag Nigeria :

> University of Benin
... Department of Sociology and Anthropology (Faculty of Social Sciences)

> University of Jos
... Department of Sociology (Faculty of Social Sciences)
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South Africa South Africa :

> South Africa universities

> Cape Town University
... Research Unit for the Archaeology of Cape Town
... Historical Archaeology Research Group, Historical Archaeology Laboratory
... Department of Archaeology
... Centre for African Studies
... Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
... Quaternary Research Centre, Western Cape

> Natal University(Durban)

> Natal University(Pietermaritzburg)

> Orange Free State University
... Anthropology Department

> Pretoria University
... Archaeology and Anthropology Department

> Rhodes University, Grahamstown
... Department of Anthropology

> South Africa University
... Department of Anthropology and Archaeology

> Stellenbosch University

> Vista University

> Western Cape University
... Department of Anthropology and Sociology (frame site) follow 'Academic'/'Arts'/'Anthro-Soc' to get to it.

> Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg
... School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies
... Rock Art Research Institute
... Ancient Culture and Cognition in Africa Project
... Archaeological Resource Development Project
... School of Social Sciences - Anthropology

> Zululand University
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Zimbabwe flag Zimbabwe :

> University of Zimbabwe
... Department of History, Faculty of Arts
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