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Central Africa : Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo Democratic Republic, Congo Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Rwanda, Sao Thome and Principe

> Anthropology back door to the web : archaeology publications about Central Africa [html or pdf formats]

> A Spiral of History, a carved tusk from the Loango coast, Congo (February 1 - April 26, 1998 exhibition at the National Museum of African Art, USA)

> Bibliography of Central Africa - in french

> Chad-Cameroon development project (Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline) :
   ... Environmental Management Plan - Cameroon Portion
   ... Environmental Management Plan - Chad Portion

> Copper crosses from Katanga (Democratic Republicc of Congo) - Banque Nationale de Belgique
   ... Online search in the Belgian National Bank "collection de monnaie marchandise".
   Search "Africa" yields 155 pieces, each with its descriptive notice.
   ... Bibliography of the "collection de monnaie marchandise"

> Could 'Pure' Hunter-Gatherers Live in a Rain Forest? - A 1999 review of the current status of The
   Wild Yam Question
(updated 2002 - by Thomas N. Headland).

> Cultural heritage management in Central Africa: regional survey on the Chad - Cameroon oil
(web version of a 2005 Antiquity paper)

> KongoKing : project web site of the Ghent University, and called "Political centralization, economic integration and language evolution in Central Africa: An interdisciplinary approach to the early history of the Kongo kingdom". The project will carry fieldwork in southern Congo, bas-Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) and northern Angola.

> Mandara Mountains Homepage (Cameroon)
   ... The DGB sites of North Cameroon : watch or water towers ? (slide show)
   ... Strongholds of North Cameroon (slide show)

> Nouvelles données archéologiques sur l'histoire ancienne de la Guinée-Equatoriale
   ("New archaeological data on the ancient history of Equatorial Guinea")

> Nsi : Bulletin de liaison des archéologues du monde bantu / Liaison Bulletin of the Bantu area archaeologists (Sommaires et textes publiés entre 1987-1992 au format pdf / TOC and texts published between 1987-1992 in pdf format)

> Projekt Kamerun (Tübingen University, Germany, excavations in Central Africa)

> Recherches archéologiques dans le Parc National de Monte Alen (Guinée-Equatoriale)

> Ritual messengers : african treasures from the Tervuren Museum in Belgium (SMCC)

> Rock art of Congo (RDC), study by G.Heimlich presented by video. It is an abstract of his fieldwork
   (downloading time quite long = very heavy file). Listen also to "Choeur de brousse", recording for Arte Radio
   at the Lovo village, Congo : click here.

> Rock art of western Central Africa (Centrafrique, Congo, Gabon)

> The Ishango bone / le bâton d'Ishango (R.D.Congo) (small online exhibition, available in french, english and flemish)

> Urban origins in Central Africa : the case of Kongo (paper by Maret, pdf format; in 2002,
   Development of Urbanism from a Global Perspective, Uppsala Universiteit, Uppsala)

> Welcome to Sukur (Cameroon)

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